AVG Anti-Virus no longer free?

I kept getting ultimatums from the free anti-virus software on my PC this year, suggesting that my free protection would be ending and that I would need to upgrade. Clicking on any of the available links just funneled me into frustrating loops of payment options… Being the sensible person that I am I did the only option available to me as a person who isn’t keen to pay for antivirus protection. I ignored it!

Having some time today and having spent some time setting up various internet banking facilities (having recently moved my current account and opened up a business bank account for my limited company), I felt that it high time I sorted it out. Eventually frustration set in again, and a Google search seemed to suggest that the company had ceased to provide the free version of the software.

I decided at that point I should probably give up, remove the AVG installation completely and switch to another well-regarded free provider such as AVAST.

I struggled my way through Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> AVG 2015 (I still find the Windows 7 menus difficult to navigate) and clicked on “Uninstall”. Miraculously, in the box that now appeared was an option to “Downgrade to the FREE VERSION”! The software was clearly playing it’s last ditch, “pleeeeeaaaasssse don’t delete me!” card.

I happily agreed. I don’t like change.

Are there any other FREE anti-virus programs that you would recommend? Opinion seems to be so different and divided over which one to use – hence why I like to stick to what I know!